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Главная Блог Flight by plane Chernobyl / Tour to Chernobyl / Flight by plane to the Chernobyl zone / Tour to Pripyat

Flight by plane Chernobyl / Tour to Chernobyl / Flight by plane to the Chernobyl zone / Tour to Pripyat

25 ноября 2018

The technogenic Armageddon at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has already occurred more than 30 years ago, but to this day, recalling a large-scale tragedy, goose bumps run through everyone's skin. The news, once stunned the whole world, is played up today in the cinema, is mentioned in thousands of works and still touches the heart. Excursion to Chernobyl - became an exclusive opportunity to visit the scene of the incident, come into contact with a tragic history, to feel the atmosphere, which is indestructible for a long thirty years.

Flight over Chernobyl
We watched a movie about the disaster at the nuclear power plant? Or maybe they felt like a stalker, plunging into a computer game? Today, you can actually get to the “exclusion zone”. Flight Agency "Into the Sky" invites you on a tour to Chernobyl, which you will remember for life. You have a unique opportunity to consider Pripyat from a bird's eye view. Just imagine, the city where life was in full swing 30 years ago, the children hurried to school, and the taxis were packed with people rushing to work, now they leave and are absolutely silent. You will see abandoned empty houses, surrounded by greenery, fly over the deserted streets, and most importantly you will see the station where the explosion occurred.

Flying over Chernobyl - is it safe?
Today, the radioactive background in Chernobyl does not exceed the permissible rate. Therefore, flying on an airplane, and especially in compliance with all safety rules, does not pose any threat to health. In connection with the bans imposed on flights over the nuclear power plant, we do not fly to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, stopping at a distance of about 10 kilometers, but this is sufficient to consider an abandoned station from all angles. The tour from Kiev to Chernobyl takes place on one of our planes. The aircraft is driven by an experienced, licensed and highly skilled pilot. Therefore, all passengers feel safe and secure.

How is the tour going?
After arriving at the airport, the passenger gets acquainted with the pilot and undergo a briefing before the air travel. The route lies through Kiev and Mezhigorye, after which the plane arrives in Chernobyl and Pripyat. Flight duration is 2 hours. You can go one-on-one with our pilot or take one of your friends with you. During the flight, you will have time to enjoy the beauty of Kiev, to feel the whole drive from the exciting flight, to make cool and bright pictures for memory. Upon arrival in Chernobyl, all passengers feel a special atmosphere: frightening, mysterious, a bit mystical.
he “exclusion zone” as if tells its guests a story that cannot leave indifferent. Flying over Chernobyl will be one of the most emotional and memorable travels that you want to talk about.

How to order a tour?
To order a tour to the exclusion zone, simply contact our manager. You will have the opportunity to ask any question and choose a convenient day to travel. Such a flight can be a great gift to those who wanted to see Pripyat with their own eyes, as well as an unforgettable journey for themselves, because emotions are priceless. Making a certificate for the flight, you will have the opportunity to fly on a Cessna 172 plane, on which you will go to Chernobyl. You can learn more about issuing a certificate and other nuances right now by leaving a request on the website or by contacting us by phone.

To order a flight by helicopter to Chernobyl, you can write to us in VIBER (+38 073 295-50-51), by e-mail or leave a request here


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